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EXCLUSIVE: Footage Shows LASD Deputies Beating Man for No Reason

Reporter Cerise Castle obtained security video from a nearby business that shows deputies appearing to violate policy in the incident. 

Footage obtained that shows LASD deputies arriving to the site where they beat Anderson.

On October 16, 2022, at 1:13 AM, two deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) pulled up to a shopping center on Century Boulevard in Inglewood and brutally beat and arrested an employee. 

Blake Anderson is a security guard at the Good Batch Lounge. He recently got the job, and was counting on it to provide for his growing family. His girlfriend is expecting a baby girl in the next few weeks. 

After we posted video of the incident on social media, Sheriff Alex Villanueva addressed it on his Facebook live, saying that there is “false information being circulated by activists masquerading as journalists.”

Villanueva claims that Anderson was neither blinded nor working as a security guard. 

The security footage confirms our reporting. 

Early Sunday morning, deputy Rodriguez and his partner pulled up to Good Batch as Anderson was standing outside with an old high school friend. Just a few seconds after pulling into the lot, the deputy launched out of the car, pointed at Anderson, and slammed him into the lounge’s glass windows, shattering them. Immediately, he and his partner began beating Anderson relentlessly and banging his head into the concrete. 

LASD Deputies on top of Blake Anderson. His hat is on the ground. They are holding a gun to his head.
LASD deputies holding a gun to Blake Anderson’s head.

Anderson was recently injured in a separate incident that left his eye very damaged. At the time of the beating, doctors had instructed Anderson to keep his eye level and elevated to prevent him losing sight. He attempts to follow the doctor’s instructions and keep his head up in the video, and is continually beaten.

Since the beating, all vision in his right eye is gone. Multiple times during this beating, a deputy put a gun to Anderson’s head. At that point, Anderson tells Knock LA,  the deputy said to him, “I’m going to blow your fucking brains out.” 

After Anderson was placed in handcuffs, the same deputy who put his gun to Anderson’s head pointed it at the crowd of onlookers and yelled, “Get back or I’m going to shoot all of you.” 

The beating took place in Inglewood, which is out of the LASD’s jurisdiction. Anderson is currently being charged with assault on a police officer for this incident. He is currently out on bail. 

Additional reporting contributed by Jon Peltz.