About Us

Knock LA, then styled KNOCK.LA, began life as a Medium blog in 2017. It was created by members of Ground Game LA, a grassroots community organizing group, to fill the gap in alt-weekly coverage of Los Angeles left by the death of LA Weekly. Then as now, Knock LA was powered by passionate journalists, organizers, and advocates working together to bring a new perspective to Angelenos.

We believe in the tradition of community organizing and journalism as a public service. We believe that, when unobserved and underreported, power leads to corruption. We believe that corporate media outlets are too often forced to serve as publicists for institutional power.

As a result, we do not accept money from advertisers, revenue affiliates through retailers, brand sponsorships, or any source that may influence our coverage. Knock LA is powered by donations from readers, and we want to deliver those readers one thing: accurate, reliable, hyperlocal coverage of Los Angeles exploring critical issues like law enforcement misconduct, corporate labor abuses, and the housing and homelessness crisis

We believe that traditional US institutions of power have harmed millions of Angelenos, often fatally. We do not intend to recreate those systems in our newsroom. Knock LA is a horizontally-organized publication; we try to make all major decisions by group consensus. For us, that means everyone who wants to, from the Managing Editor to freelance writers, has the opportunity to guide our editorial direction and administration. Knock LA has several rotating administrative service positions that help keep the site running. You can read more about our team here.

Correction Policy

Knock LA strives to be as accurate and thorough as possible in our reporting. But, like all other human beings on the planet, we make mistakes. When we run corrections to articles, we want to make them clear and accessible to readers, explaining simply and concisely what exactly the error was and how it was corrected. Some oversights, for instance small typos, do not require correction notices. However, we will always post corrections for consequential mistakes as soon as we can. 

As a matter of policy, Knock LA does not take requests to add material to articles after they are published, unless that material constitutes an update (as in new information to be added to a developing story, like comment from a person or organization that was unavailable at time of publish) or a correction (“correction,” here, meaning “a factual error”). 

From time to time, Knock LA will receive requests to remove articles completely from our site, typically from powerful people and organizations who don’t like the way they are depicted in our coverage. We do not remove articles unless our team determines that there is a credible danger to the subjects in question. If a matter requires serious follow-up, we will publish that coverage in a supplemental article or update.