Our Team

Knock LA, like our parent organization Ground Game LA, is horizontally-organized. We don’t adhere to hierarchical structures typical in other media outlets: everyone involved in Knock LA has the opportunity to guide our organization. We don’t have any bosses, because bosses are the worst. Instead, we strive for group consensus before we act on important issues. 

Knock LA does not currently employ any full time staff, and would appreciate your patience as we respond to your messages. If you’re interested in volunteering with the team at Knock LA, please direct inquiries to email hidden; JavaScript is required. You can also learn how to write for Knock LA here. But please don’t reach out if you’re a Nazi or a QAnon weirdo or any other kind of fascist asshole, we get enough of those emails already.

Service Positions

As with any media outlet, Knock LA requires various administrative services in order to keep publishing for our readers. In order to streamline those responsibilities, we created rotating service positions. For us, a service position is: 

  1. Associated with a specific, regular responsibility or set of responsibilities 
  2. Selected by group consensus (we do not vote, but rather decide as a group who is the best fit for a given role during a given rotation)
  3. Rotating (generally terms last three months)
  4. Not to be held by two individuals from similar demographic backgrounds for successive terms, if possible 
  5. Compensated with a monthly stipend of $1,500 or at an hourly rate of $50 (Onboarding and Recruitment Editor, Newsletter Editor, Website Coordinator, and Treasurer)

The following are the current service positions for Knock LA, a brief description of their responsibilities, and the contact information for the person(s) who currently hold that position.

During each term rotation we revisit and discuss each service position, sometimes eliminating them entirely or creating new ones. As such, these descriptions can and will change as we figure out what works best for us and our group evolves.

Managing Editor

Cerise Castleemail hidden; JavaScript is required

Serves to ensure tasks that don’t fit the responsibilities of any other service position are carried out, finds new people to fill service positions in the event of unexpected circumstances, and moderates internal conflict and issues within Knock LA.

Pitches Editor

Jon Peltzemail hidden; JavaScript is required

Responsible for presenting pitches and tips from freelancers or other outside sources to the team at Knock LA. Also responsible for finding writers and editors to execute those pitches.

In-Progress Editor

Katja Schatte – email hidden; JavaScript is required

Responsible for assigning an editor to every approved pitch and serving as a resource for the writer and the editor throughout the editing process. Also responsible for managing the editorial calendar.

Photography Editor

Ben Camachoemail hidden; JavaScript is required

Finds and assigns photographers to approved pitches and manages the Knock LA media library, including the development of a taxonomy for adding new photos.

Social Media Coordinator

Jamie Feileremail hidden; JavaScript is required

Manages Knock LA‘s presence across social media platforms, including community engagement, content scheduling, and fundraising/awareness campaigns.

Onboarding and Recruitment Editor

Cerise Castleemail hidden; JavaScript is required

Leads on finding new talent to write and volunteer with Knock LA, with a specific focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Intakes new editorial and administrative volunteers, matching them with volunteer mentors.

Newsletter Editor

Erin Wistiemail hidden; JavaScript is required

Writes and releases Knock LA‘s weekly newsletters.

Website Coordinator

Maggie Clancyemail hidden; JavaScript is required

Tracks visitor statistics, updates the front page, creates new pages as necessary, and troubleshoots any web-related issues.


Alexandra Malek, Amy Gatto, Zach Gatto

Processes payments to freelancers, vendors, and other services. Balances the budget and manages incoming revenue against outgoing costs. Generally responsible for any tasks and projects related to money.