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Vote For Kevin de León, I Guess

So KDL is running for Senate. People should vote for him. Mostly because he isn’t Dianne Feinstein.

His platform is okay. Absent from it is the fact that he isn’t Di-Fi, which is a huge missed opportunity if you asked me.

Previously Knock endorsed anyone but the incumbent during the primary. There were some much better options at that time, but we blew it. Now we’re left with this dude.

I honestly can’t get excited over him, but no one else wanted to do a write up, so I figured I would. He’s currently my state senator, and my neighborhood hasn’t burned to the ground or anything yet, so there’s that. He supports Medicare for All, but comes across as just left of center otherwise.

If you don’t know why Feinstein shouldn’t hold office, I’m not sure how you came across this article. She voted for the Iraq war even though she knew it was BS. She takes massive donations from the “defense” industry and votes for endless war. She joined the rest of the Senate Dems recently in approving another $700+ billion defense budget, because the best way to resist Trump is to hand him the most powerful military in history.

Word on the street too is that the plan is for her to step down after she gets elected so that Gavin Newsom (our likely next governor who won’t endorse prop 10) can appoint Garcetti, or perhaps Schiff, who both absolutely must be stopped from attaining any more power.

KDL spoke to us at the veterans caucus at the California Democratic Convention earlier this year. While there he took the pledge to introduce legislation that would pardon and repatriate deported veterans. That’s good. He also (unprompted) talked about how we spend massive amounts of money on the military while neglecting much needed services and programs at home. He was the only “big name” candidate to get that close to addressing the military industrial complex. It’s a start.