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Angelica Duenas Mounts a Green Challenge In a Democratic District

Angelica Duenas is looking to upset this cycle by challenging Tony Cárdenas from the left as a Green.

California’s 29th Congressional district is a solidly Democratic district that spans most of the east Valley; Van Nuys in the south to Sylmar in the north, North Hills in the west and abutting Shadow Hills in the east. Tony Cárdenas has represented the area since 2012 after his tenure at Los Angeles City Council ended. Cárdenas has been a fairly down the middle Democrat and has shown stead popularity, he’s never pulled less than 74% of the vote in the general election.

Angelica Duenas is looking to upset this comfortable Democratic cycle by challenging Cárdenas from the left as a Green. As California rushes towards the primaries a number of first time candidates are making credible plays for what are generally considered safe seats in fairly centrist minded districts. The 29th is a large and diverse population, Angelica and her team believe that now is the time to give the voters an alternative and one that is more in line with their views.

Housing and labor are two of Angelica’s areas of focus and she has a firm idea about how we can bridge the gap between state level outcomes and federal policy. Without sacrificing the gains that we have been able to achieve Angelica lays out a clear vision using the Green New Deal as a framework to drive national policy.

Angelica on pressure from the Democratic party:

KNOCK.LA · Angelica talks resistance from the Democratic Party

Angelica on the coming progressive wave:

KNOCK.LA · Angelica talks about the coming progressive wave election

Angelica on supporting strong unions:

KNOCK.LA · Angelica talks about supporting strong unions

Angelica on the pressures of running and being a mother:

KNOCK.LA · Angelica talks about the pressures of running a small campaign

You can listen to the full interview here:

KNOCK.LA · Angelica Duenas Interview

To learn more about Angelica’s campaign you can visit: Angelica4Congress.com