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Theo Henderson is currently the Activist-In-Residence at UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality on Inequality and Democracy. He has created a podcast, titled, We the Unhoused, while living houseless in a park in Los Angeles, California. His vision is to provide a platform that is displaced centered, uplifting the Unhoused voices against reductive housed and mainstream media coverage. In addition to this major undertaking, Theo has organized Unhoused voter registration, comics, poems, and an Unhoused memorial service. He has also partnered with local mutual aid groups such as, Street Watch, Polo Pantry, Los Angeles Community Action Network, and many others. Theo has been featured and penned a op-ed in the Los Angeles Times. He has been featured in Curbed, CNN, Bloomberg, The Guardian, The Heat, Spectrum News, Teen Vogue, Healing our Divisions, and Enspire Magazine.