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Choir Boy: An Interview

Salt Lake City–based band Choir Boy performed at the Lash this weekend, and Knock LA sat down with Adam, Jeff, and Michael for a spontaneous interview. 

Promotional Poster Of Choir Boy's Performance (Source: Facebook)
Promotional poster regarding Choir Boy’s performance. (Source: Facebook)

Dream-pop outfit Choir Boy is based out of Salt Lake City and could be summed up as transcendently breathtaking. Their music, lyrics, and images coexist beautifully with melancholy, nostalgia, and loss. Themes tossing out the conditioning of toxic masculinity and oppressive religious upbringing allow people to be soft and vulnerable. It’s quite powerful. Choir Boy is signed to Dais Records — an iconic Los Angeles label, and rightfully so. Their sound is both heavy and airy, quite a juxtaposition that’s hard to pin down and even harder to replicate.

Their music first appeared in my orbit when I saw them as the supporting act opening for Cold Cave and Black Marble – thoroughly unamused. This was too familiar with my Pentecostal trauma. This reminds me far too much of church, I hate this band. It wasn’t until last year’s Abolition Summer riots, injustice over police brutality, where I found myself processing, feeling powerless. I was high off of 10 strips of acid, and their debut album, Passive With Desire, appeared in my peripheral. Then at that moment, their ethereal music brought me back to my Pentecostal youth. Oh my God, this reminds me of the church, I love them! I believe! Adam Klopp’s sincere vocals are legitimately the voice of an angel; this isn’t hyperbole, be the judge yourself. Their sophomore album Gathering Swans is undoubtedly absolutely hypnotizing, receiving praise from Davey Havok of AFI and ranking Amoeba Records number 1 in the top 10 records of 2020. 

Last night I was fortunate to snag a spontaneous interview at their gig with Body of Light. If you’re able, please check them out tonight at The Lash, bring your vax card or proof of negative COVID test. Behold this full moon interview, with Adam Klopp, Jeff Kleinman, and Micheal Pulson. (Chaz Costello wasn’t present. Fucking tragic but life goes on).

Knock: Alright, what are your names?

Adam: Adam.

Jeff: Jeff.

Michael: Michael.

K: Okay, and you are?

A, J, M: Choir Boy!

K: Ok, awesome. Okay, Jeff, what was STD?

J: Pardon?

K: What was STD?

J: I don’t know what that means.

K: Weren’t you in a band called STD?

J: No.

K: Shit. Nevermind. I thought one of y’all was in a band with Melicia.

A: Oh. Were you?

J: No, but I know Melicia.

K: God fucking damn it, she lied to me.

M: Yeah, you were supposed to be in a band with her…

J: But it wasn’t STD I don’t think. I can’t remember what the band was called.

M: It was called STD.

J: No…

K: Yes, it was… Surfing Third Dimensions. That’s STD.

J: Oh. Sounds like you know the answer that I don’t know. I think that I got asked to play guitar in the hardcore band that she sang in, but it never happened.

K: Sucks.

J: I agree.

K: What’s DIS house?

J: Yeah, we can talk about that. Cool punk house and tape label in SLC. It’s gone now.

K: Oh shit, really? What happened?

J: Last week, they all moved out. But I’m repping DIS House. 22a.

K: That’s what’s up. Adam, who’s Space Jesus?

A: Space Jesus? Oh, that’s a big [unintelligible] in downtown Salt Lake at the visitor’s center of the temple, and it’s a statue in front of a mural of space. A statue of Jesus, and you can take people there.

K: This is for y’all, a Salt Lake City question. Who was Lily, Victim of the Beast 666?

A: Oh, I can take that one. So, this is a misconstrued scenario. So, it’s a very famous gravesite in the Salt Lake Cemetery. She was a mentally ill woman and her husband was an abusive man who buried her and called her a witch. She was mentally ill and he shamed her for it in her death. So now it’s a tourist trap in the cemetery. It’s fucked up.

K: Yeah, it’s a pretty creepy tombstone. It says “Victim of the Beast 666” on it. Okay, Adam, which politician would you skin alive for their human leather, and who would you make coats for?

A: Oh, Ted Cruz, and I’d make it for the corpse of Rush Limbaugh.

K: Thoughts on your local police department?

A: Oh, get a new job.

M: Dirt bags.

J: What was the thing you asked?

K: Thoughts on your local police department?

J: Oy. That’s all I… oy.

K: Fair enough. OK, now for this one, really quick or whatever — overrated or underrated: OnlyFans?

J: I have — uh, I subscribe…

M: Underrated.

A: No comment. Right now, it’s like too… uhh…

J: Yeah, but that’s like, I’m like… it’s like… yeah, right now it’s… uhh… I don’t know.

A: Right now, it’s too com… uh… I mean right… I mean… did you write that before it was done?

J: I’ll tell ya, I’m more of a Manyvids fan.

K: Thank you!!

A: Well, I don’t know…

J: That’s another one that’s more geared towards actual sex work, and from what I understand they aren’t an asshole to sex workers.

A: Well, I’m a fan of it all, if it works out for them, and I’ll masturbate to more or less anything.

K: Sundance — overrated or underrated?

A: Overrated! Overrated.

J: I’ve gone every year since I was in Utah and I like it. But I don’t know if I’d say that it’s either… maybe it’s overrated still, but I like it.

A: No independent films played at Sundance really, it’s basically just bougie fucks.

J: That’s true, but I’ve seen some good movies.

A: There are good movies, but it’s movies that have budgets and they go into it knowing that their movie is going to be bought by a big studio, and the only people that can afford to go to it for the most part are rich people, so I wouldn’t fly from out of town.

J: It’s like people that come to town and wear a cowboy hat for a week.

A: Does that mean overrated then?

M: Way overrated. Waaaay overrated.

J: Living in Utah, I would go, but I would never fly from out of town.

M: If you saw anything at Sundance and you weren’t at Sundance, you would probably think it was silly.

A: I have a big piece to say about this. I worked at a deli that was next door to a theater that would show Sundance movies, and all of the worst, most out-of-touch rich fucks that I ever worked with came during Sundance. That’s all I have to say. It’s the worst.

[Note: At this point, my fucking recorder shut off. ‘Twas a demoralizing experience. As a backup I used my phone.]

K: Rapper Da Baby — overrated or underrated?

J: Who? Oh, I’m not familiar.

M: Overrated.

K: Good, he’s homophobic.

J: Oh, oh yeah, he’s the one! He’s the guy that said that it was… he shamed people for having STIs or HIV or something?

K: Yes.

M: Overrated.

J: Yeah, fuck him.

M: Way overrated.

K: Mormons!

A: Somebody came to his aid, right? It was, like, some other famous…

J: Is he the guy that talks shit on Lil Nas X?

K: Yes.

J: Oh yeah, fuck him.

A: Well somebody came to his aid, like a classic hip hop person came to his aid and was like, “Well, it’s cool that he doesn’t like people with AIDS...”

J: Who said that?

K: We’ll find out. We’ll find out.

M: Some asshole.

J: And fuck that guy too.

A: Fuck them all. Fuck us all. Fuck me.

K: Mormons — overrated/underrated?

A: Tragically underrated.

M: Yeah, tragically underrated.

J: I… I don’t know. I don’t have a dog in that fight.

K: Dead Moon — overrated/underrated?

J: Best band of all time. I kind of think they are perfectly rated.

M: Underrated.

K: Perfect, okay, I agree. Psychedelic mushrooms — overrated/underrated?

A: Uhhh… perfect as they are.

J: Perfect as they are. Perfect as they are.

K: Disrockers — overrated/underrated?

J: Underrated.

M: Tragically underrated.

A: What is it?

K: Disrockers!

A: What?

J: Sam. Sam Rodriguez. City of Dis.

A: Oh, well, I know. Well, yeah, listen to the new tape that he released.

M: Total Cereal!

J: Oh yeah, Total Cereal. I played drums on that tape. What is it, destigmatize sex work, where Sam paid an OnlyFans star to masturbate and cum and while the person was cumming, to say “Oh, Total Cereal,” the name of the band. And then that’s the sample over the whole song.

K: Sick.

J: So Sam’s perfect.

M: Criminally underrated.

J: Permanently underrated.

A: Terminally underrated.

J: No, I’m saying permanently underrated.

A: I don’t think criminally underrated. I think only so many people could enjoy it.

J: Permanently underrated. I feel like Disrockers will always be permanently underrated.

A: They actively put themselves in a position to not widen their audience.

J: It’s great.

K: Sick, ok. Davey Havok?

A: Nice guy.

J: Nice guy.

A: I like him a lot.

K: Overrated or underrated?

A: Well, he’s not underrated and I won’t say he’s overrated.

M: Nice guy.

K: Legal weed — overrated or underrated?

J: Uh, uh, uh, underrated I guess. Seems great, I don’t know, seems fine.

M: Legalizing weed, underrated. But legal weed as in done through a dispensary, overrated. Legalizing weed is very underrated, but doing weed medicinally through some stupid clinic, that’s overrated.

K: Hell yeah. Daytime drinking?

J: Overrated.

M: Underrated.

A: Underrated.

K: Lastly, LA

J: Well, I’m a Jew from Ohio so I think it’s great. I don’t know.

A: Yeah, well, I mean… I like it.

J: Overrated for the wrong reasons.

A: I mean, we like it because we’re not from here. It’s a joy. It’s a joy to come to a city.

J: It’s a real treat. I think we recognize the issues, but we’re voyeurs, so we come and enjoy it for five seconds and then go away.

K: Alright, last words.

A: Poopoo peepee.