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Down With Tyranny, Yes On Prop 7

This November, you have the power to control time itself.

This November, you have the power to control time itself. Proposition 7 allows the California legislature to consider finally ending, once and for all, the failed experiment of Daylight Savings Time.

We intentionally jetlag ourselves twice a year, for no discernible purpose, and put ourselves at increased risk for car accidents, workplace injuries, heart attacks and strokes, and headaches. And we actually consume more energy due to Daylight Savings Time, as well as spend more money shopping after work.

This barbaric practice didn’t begin until 1966, yet like so many stupid things from that era (tie-dye, the Cold War) it feels eternal. It is not.

Ending DST will align us with the 68% of all countries that are enlightened enough to leave their clocks the fuck alone, and it will poke a stick in the eye of the Chamber of Commerce, a foul institution and the only consistent lobbyist for keeping DST in place.

So on November 6th, while you’re still reeling from the sleep deprivation caused by “falling back” on November 4th, make your voice heard. Vote YES on Prop 7 and send a clear message to the state legislature: Pacific Standard Time is the only time California needs.