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The Easiest Five Step Method To Casting Your Vote in LA County This November

How to vote early, vote easy, and make sure your vote gets counted in Los Angeles!

Credit: KNOCK.LA


Open your mail-in ballot. Make sure it all arrived. You can request a replacement here until October 27 if you have any issues.


Research the races. We’re partial to our own voter guide, but there are others. We like DSA-LA’s, The LAnd’s, and the Two Evils as well.


Fill out your ballot. Bubble in everything in pen. Then seal it and sign it, making sure your signature is what it was when you registered (many Californians register when they get their Drivers’ License, so you can check against that if you’re feeling uncertain).

If you have any signature issues, the state is obligated to send you what’s called a “cure notice” that will allow you to confirm your ballot and ensure your vote is counted.


Take your sealed and signed to a drop box. All of the LA County official dropbox locations are here, and your local library is a sure bet if you don’t have a different option.

You can also mail it (no postage required) as fears about a slowed down postal service have not yet led to ballots not making it to the County office. You can also take it to an early polling location and skip the line. We think dropbox is probably your best bet, though.


Frantically check to make sure your ballot has been received here. It should take only a couple days! This is a great reason to vote as soon as possible; if there are any issues you can always go and vote in person on or before election day.

If you run into any issues with your signature you will be notified. Here is the document you’ll have to fill out.

It’s that easy to vote early, and make sure your vote gets counted. So do it! DO IT NOW! VOTE NOW! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?!?

Want to learn more about your 2020 election ballot? Check out KNOCK.LA’s Voter Guide, which breaks down propositions and candidate platforms for over 120 races in and around LA County.

KNOCK.LA is a project paid for by Ground Game LA. This article was not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate.