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KNOCK.LA Says Yes on 10

Rent control is good.

If you’ve been talking to someone for more than 15 seconds in Los Angeles, you may have heard that rent is a problem for a lot of people. If you’re an avid reader of KNOCK-LA, you know that we’ve been covering housing since the day we hit launch.

At this point it’s merely a formality that we vehemently endorse a Yes vote on Proposition 10, to fully (and finally) repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. The endorsement list for Prop 10 is bursting with labor unions, social justice organizations, faith groups, and city governments.

But one of the best reasons to vote Yes on Proposition 10 is to look at who is funding the No Campaign.

insert barf emoji

California’s housing crisis has no silver bullet. But as a new study from Berkeley’s Haas Institute argues, rent control is a vital way to ensure renters can avoid eviction and stay in their homes.

Tenant rights groups have been fighting for a clean repeal of Costa-Hawkins for decades. If you do nothing else on your ballot, bubble in that Yes on 10 as hard as you can. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell the cashier at Trader Joe’s. If renters turn out, we will deal a huge blow to corporate landlords and finally get a chance to claim our right to the city.

Vote Yes on Proposition 10 November 6th.