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District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s Office Declines to Prosecute Hate Crime

There’s no time table given for prosecution of a widely viewed, videotaped assault.

Eden the Doll, assaulted last week in Hollywood, was informed today that charges are not being brought in her case. (Instagram/edenthedoll)

A man who assaulted and robbed three transgender women in Hollywood one week ago on camera has been set free today by Jackie Lacey’s District Attorney’s office, according to a recent recorded conversation with the LAPD detective investigating the case posted by Eden The Doll. In the video posted to her Instagram earlier today, Eden The Doll expresses dismay and deep concern over her safety and the safety of her friends, Joslyn Flawless and Jaslene Whiterose.

The detective, who is not named in the video, states his own disappointment with the decision from the DA’s office and advises the women to simply “walk the other way” if they again encounter their attacker.

In an Instagram post, Eden The Doll calls for her followers to address the issue directly with Dayan Mathai at 213–257–2385, the Assistant Head District Attorney ultimately responsible for the decision.

Mathai and and Richard Ceballos, Deputy District Attorney, said in a phone call that they needed to “review the evidence” of the videotaped and widely viewed assault, according to Eden the Doll’s Instagram posts.

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