Navigating Los Angeles Election Results

Graphic design of hands putting ballots in a box labeled 'Knock LA Election Analysis'

As of Monday, November 7, about 20.4% of Los Angeles County voters had turned in their ballots, according to the LA County registrar-recorder’s office. This means 79.6% of eligible Angelenos still needed to turn in their ballot via a dropbox — or vote in person by 8:00 PM Election Day. (And if you still have to turn in your ballot, might we suggest using our Progressive Voter Guide?)

When will we start seeing election results?

If most of the remaining are being turned in today (a generous assumption, considering midterm elections typically have lower voter turnout than a presidential election), when can we expect Los Angeles election results?

California mails ballots to all active voters. While this is a plus in terms of voting accessibility, it does throw a wrench in the election results prediction machine. Ballots postmarked by November 8 have a week to arrive and still count. This means that any closer races, including the mayoral race, might not be decided by the end of the night.

Where can I see live updates for Los Angeles election results?

For anyone who enjoys the play-by-play of polling updates, the LA County Clerk’s Election Results page is a good resource, but it can be maddening for refresh-happy viewers looking for updates more than once a day (or every couple of days, as we experienced during the 2022 primary election). The first round of results are usually posted shortly after polls close — these are the vote by mail ballots that were turned in early.

For those who want smart, concise Los Angeles election analysis, bookmark this page.

Once we start to see significant numbers roll in, Knock LA will provide election analysis and talk to activists, organizers, and advocates on what the next steps are to continue weeding out corruption from city government and building a robust infrastructure that serves all residents of Los Angeles — which doesn’t include Rick Caruso, Gwyneth.

Thank you to everyone who used, shared, and suggested our Progressive Voter Guide to their friends, families, and neighbors. And thank you to everyone who has subscribed to our Patreon or donated to our ActBlue. We will be refreshing along with you when election results start rolling in.

If you’ve been freaking out about today, take a break from the news. Go for a walk and take in some of that sweet post-rain, wet earth scent. Listen to your favorite tune. Results will still be trickling in. Whatever election results bring, we will be here, ready not to simply talk about what went wrong, but to figure out what we can do as organizers and Los Angeles residents to advocate for solutions we want to see.