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Los Angeles: Vote Yes On Measure EE

White People 4 Black Lives stands in solidarity with United Teachers Los Angeles and their call to support Measure EE.

Yes on EE Campaign Image

White People 4 Black Lives stands in solidarity with United Teachers Los Angeles and their call to support Measure EE. We see that this as a concrete solution to implement the necessary changes won in the hard-fought teachers’ strike: an insistence that our children and teachers receive adequate conditions for learning and teaching in LAUSD. The strike demonstrated a unified front that challenged the power and money hoarding within the public school system in Los Angeles. It was a successful people-powered tactic that will positively impact student learning for a generation.

In order to ensure successful implementation of key changes, Measure EE will:

  • Lower class sizes
  • Attract and retain high-quality teachers and school employees
  • Provide equitable school nursing, library and counseling services,
  • Provide safe, secure, clean, well-maintained, supportive and welcoming schools
  • Support special needs, homeless, foster, & other underserved and disadvantaged students

Every dollar must be used to support local schools and cannot be taken by the state or federal government. All Measure EE funds are required by law to be used only for voter-approved purposes. An Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee will provide accountability and ensure that funds from Measure EE are used as approved by voters.

Measure EE is not a large tax. Homeowners will pay less than one quarter of the costs. And it includes exemptions for property owners over 65 and certain disability recipients.

The momentum for student equity did not end when the strike negotiations settled on January 22, 2019. Community support for accountability and execution of the demands are needed for the long haul. This is one of many ways we can continue to show our solidarity with students, teachers, and families. Vote yes on Measure EE on June 4th.

This statement is submitted on behalf of White People 4 Black Lives. White People 4 Black Lives (WP4BL) is a white anti-racist collective and activist project of the Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere (AWARE-LA) and operates within a national network of white anti-racists called Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ). WP4BL is rooted in acting in solidarity with Black Lives Matter: Los Angeles. For more information, visit www.awarela.org