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A Vote for Holly Mitchell is a Vote for Environmental Justice

Why Holly Mitchell is the environmental choice

Community members walk by urban oil drilling in Wilmington | Photo by “District 15” by Patagonia.

I live in the City of Carson, my neighborhood is built atop a former Shell Oil Tank farm — right next to the massive Marathon Refinery complex. I have seen firsthand how the oil and gas industries have devastated my community’s health. We all deserve to thrive in healthy neighborhoods with access to clean air, clean water, and clean soil regardless of race, income, gender, sexual orientation, education, and age. That’s why I’ve organized for a 2,500-foot buffer zone between oil drilling and homes.

This year, I’m voting in my first general election, and in the County Supervisor race, I’m excited to organize votes for someone who will take action to protect the people and the environment — Holly Mitchell.

State Senator Mitchell’s policy-making shows she’s committed to an equitable, sustainable, and non-extractive vision of Los Angeles County where workers and communities are at the center of an equitable transition. We need this now more than ever.

Mitchell is steadfast in refusing campaign contributions from Big Oil and supports a 2,500-foot buffer between neighborhood oil drilling and homes, places of worship, health clinics, and schools — a policy proposal put forth by Stand Together Against Neighborhood Drilling-Los Angeles (STAND-LA), an environmental justice coalition.

The same could not be said of the other candidate in the race. Former Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson has received over $28,000 from 20 donors connected with the oil and gas industry (as of June 2020) for his campaign. These include top California oil and gas producers such as California Resources Corporation and E&B Natural Resources Management Corporation.

He is also backed by the California Independent Petroleum Association, a massive fossil fuel lobbying group. Wesson failed to endorse a 2,500-foot human health and safety buffer in the City of Los Angeles.

Mitchell has a strong record championing environmental justice in the California State Senate. She introduced legislation (SB 1132) to put in place a statewide moratorium on fracking. She also supported legislation prohibiting oil drilling in state waters (SB 834), increasing investments in California’s ecosystems (SB 30), and placing California on track to 100% renewable energy by 2045 (SB 100).

Holly Mitchell has the courage and vision to fight to improve health outcomes in environmental justice communities, support a just recovery and visionary workforce development programs, and address harmful land-use practices.

Holly Mitchell is the candidate for Environmental Justice communities and all Angelenos in the Second Supervisorial District.

Isabel Alvarenga is a Youth for Environmental Justice organizer with Communities for a Better Environment(CBE) and CBE Action. CBE Action endorsed Holly Mitchell in both the March Primary and the November General Election. Isabel is a phone bank organizer with Working Families for Holly Mitchell for County Supervisor 2020, Sponsored by LA Voice Action.

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Holly Mitchell is one of several candidates endorsed by Ground Game LA.

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