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Rings of Hell: A Very Special Garcetti Episode

Time to talk about LA Mayor Eric Garcetti

Episode 4: The Eric Garcetti Podcast Special

NOlympics Los Angeles and KNOCK.LA explore the biography of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to understand why he is so committed to bringing the Olympics to Los Angeles.

In what is the worst kept secret in local politics, LA’s occasional Mayor Eric Michael Garcetti is going to announce his run for president in a few weeks, and we sat down to take inventory on what a pseudo-progressive legacy he’s carved out for himself.

We explore MEG’s privilege, his hijacking of marginalized groups’ identities for political advancement, his purple prose, his fear of adversarial journalism, and what his true goals. And we bring it all together by exploring how the Olympics is the cynical vanity project Garcetti’s using to try to make you forget he works for developers, police, and other elite interests. Turn on, tune in, and drop out; it’s time for the MEGisode.

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