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The KNOCK.LA June 2018 Primary Voter Guide

Vote this way.

Looking for the 2020 Los Angeles Voter Guide? Check out KNOCK.LA’s recommendations for the 2020 general election here.

The deadline to register to vote in the primary is May 21st, you can register online at: https://registertovote.ca.gov/. Mail-in ballots are out now. The election is on June 5th. To find your polling place please visit: http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/polling-place/.

KNOCK Endorsements:

KNOCK writers have chimed in with their endorsements for the upcoming primary elections. While these are not editorial endorsements from the publication, they represent the views of our writers and editors. This list may be updated as more endorsements come in.

KNOCK Editor T.E. Wnningham on why he’s voting for Alison Hartson for Senate.

KNOCK Editor Spike Friedman on why he would would vote for Katie Hill for Congress in CA-25.

KNOCK Contributor Steve Ducey on why Gayle McLaughlin is the only progressive choice for Lt. Governor.

Ground Game LA Podcast Endorsements:

The Ground Game LA Podcast with which we are affiliated did a more comprehensive run through the ballot. The full audio of their endorsement guide is below, along with their picks for the upcoming election.


Governor: Delanie Eastin

Lieutenant Governor: Gayle McLaughlin

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond

US Senate: Not Dianne Feinstein (or the literal Nazi running as a Republican). Alison Hartson, Pat Harris and David Hildebrand are all good. Kevin De Leon is fine.

US House of Representatives CA-25: Katie Hill

US House of Representatives CA-30: Jon Pelzer

US House of Representatives CA-34: Kenneth Mejia

US House of Representatives CA-48: Not Dana Rohrbacher (Kevin Kensinger is a good option).

US House of Representatives CA-49: Doug Applegate

US House of Representatives CA-12: Shahid Buttar

CA Assembly-45: Ankur Patel

CA Assembly-54: Steve Dunwoody

Local Judicial Races:

4: Veronica Sauceda

16: Sydne Jame Michel

20: Wendy Segall

60: Holly Hancock

67 : Maria Armendariz

71: David Berger

113: Michael P. Ribons

118: David Diamond

126: Rene Caldwell Gilbertson

146: Armando Duron


68: Yes

69: Yes

70: No

71: No

72: Yes