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The KNOCK.LA California State Proposition Cheat Sheet for the November 2020 General Election

Vote like your everything depends on it!

This election is incredibly important. And while if you live in California, your vote may not matter in the Presidential election, there are many important and confusing state propositions to weigh in on. So we did a lot of research, and have combined our recommendations on the most important ballot initiatives into the printable/shareable cheat sheet below.

For more races and full explanations of our selections, check out our voter guide featuring 130+ races in Los Angeles County.

We also recommend voting early. Read our guide to casting your ballot to ensure that your vote is counted!

KNOCK.LA is a journalistic project of Ground Game LA. These recommendations were made after extensive research by a team of our editors and writers. None of the above recommendations were authorized by a candidate, a committee controlled by a candidate, or any outside entity.