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The Noise This Evening: a Four Part Poetry/Photo Essay on the 2020 LA Uprisings (Part II)

Thinking loud and saying nothing.


by M.G. Hughes

It takes something

Of divine intervention,

They say,

For something so equally

Divine and tragic to find residency

In the eyes of those who saw it all and all at once.

It can only take something

So wicked and so depressing,

They say,

For this many screens and this many people

To get out from the flickering darkness of their homes

With no other intention but to become it, to know it, for themselves.

The revolution was already here.

The revolution was already rooted.

So why not blame divine intervention,

They say,

For the world finally getting off its butt to march for justice first, color second?

(They say

All this,

And I’m thinking

Loud and saying nothing).

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